Paint and Inks

Production of paints of various chemical types and for various applications:


Antiblocking vinyl coatings for calendered and spread PVC.

These coatings have anti-blocking properties useful for preventing the layers of PVC tablecloth rolls from sticking together during the winding stage. It increases also the tablecloth’s resistance to scratches, alcohol and most detergents.


Vinyl – acrylic for PVC articles

Offer excellent adhesion to any article made from PVC, whether soft (calendered, sheets) or rigid. They are available in a wide range of colours, which are produced using organic and inorganic pigments, all of which are chromates and lead free. The clear paint can also be used as a protective coating with excellent gloss..


Antisnagging agent for fabric

Used during the fabric finishing stage to prevent snagging.


Transfers on leather or paper

Special products used for heat transfer of images previously printed on paper onto items made of leather or other materials.


Epoxy base coatings for metal

Classic base coatings available in various colours


Rotogravure inks for PVC

For tablecloths and baby care products; available in various colours. If used in combination with the antiblocking paint, they offer excellent protection against scratches, alcohol and commonly used detergents.


UV inks


Screen printing inks in various ranges

For application to various bases and available in a wide range of colours.


Other inks

Our ranges include other types of special inks.

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